What is Croquet?

Published: 07th June 2011
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The sport of Croquet was initially introduced to the World by John Jaques II at the Great Exhibition of England in 1851. The affect of the introduction of this pleasant but competitive game was instantaneous and it soon became a "must have" home recreation not just in England but across Europe and the British Empire, rapidly becoming a recognizable British Trait. This was specially true of India. The Jaques Croquet Set was the authentic croquet set that closely resembles the croquet sets around today.

The resounding triumph of the Jaques Croquet Set at the Great Exhibition resulted in John Jaques being awarded the Gold Medal.

Soon after the world-wide uptake of the Game of Croquet, a very extravagant Jaques Croquet Set was presented to The Viceroy of India, a very keen advocate of Jaques Croquet, and included a Croquet Mallet manufactured from solid ivory (not very politically correct nowadays but rather impressive at the time). A lot of different Jaques Croquet sets have been designed and produced by Jaques and Sons and may still be purchased today.

After the Great Exhibition, John Jaques II was deemed as the top world authority on the Game of Croquet and to further advertise and describe the game, created (in 1864) the 1st version of "Croquet: the Laws and Regulations of the Game". These rules (with some revisions) still go over the game of Croquet as it's performed currently.

A Jaques Croquet Set was quickly in the proud ownership of many families, clubs and associations. Numerous Croquet Associations were established all over the world, the headquarters of the governing body is now primarily based in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England.

Jaques Croquet Equipment

Jaques Croquet Sets and Croquet equipment is still manufactured with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to tradition and detail by the family business, Jaques of London Ltd, now based at Edenbridge, Kent, UK.

The engineering method has altered very little in more than 150 years of generating many of the best Croquet Sets. Croquet Mallets, handcrafted from attractive timber, for instance English Ash and Lignum Vitae, are laid down in "stick" for several years (usually over five) in order that they've matured to a position suitable for a Jaques Croquet Set. As every Jaques Croquet Mallet normally requires in excess of 3 hours of work for 1 of their skilled craftsmen to accomplish, people lucky enough to own a Jaques Croquet Set know that they have top quality Croquet Equipment, lovingly made by professionals and created to last.

A Jaques Croquet Set, whether for family, friends or someone special is an exceptionally well created gift and will survive for many years if not generations.

There are numerous croquet associations all over the world with numerous in England. Membership is on the increase with popularity increasing with the young age groups. A certain amount of fitness is required to play the game but it is ideal for all the family, young and old alike.

There are two types of competition that can be played - golf croquet and association croquet.

Compared with Association Croquet, Golf Croquet has easier rules and is more interactive (each turn is just a single stroke), nevertheless it usually requires a comparable degree of accuracy and tactical knowledge.

The competitors follow a path contesting every hoop in turn; as soon as one hoop is completed all players move on to tackle the following - a simple idea that leads to rich tactical thinking.

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There are versions of the croquet sets available in a range of prices, all top quality and guaranteed to provide years of fun for all the family.

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